Diamante Junk Cars has the passion to offer you a top-of-the-line piece of mind experience when selling your car. We’re delighted to be your #1 source for selling your junk and used cars in the Houston area.

We also service in Sugar Land, Humble, Katy, Woodlands, Pasadena, Downtown Houston, Galeria River Rocks, and, basically, any place within the Houston area.

Precision distinguishes our experts. They will always be precise and on time to help you sell your Junk Cars at the best price and market to your reach. For over 10 years we have specialized in being the number 1 junk car buying experience in Houston and we’ve finally arrived to sell you online as well.

The junk car buying process

Houston, Texas is an ever-growing metropolis known for its high growth and multiculturalism. Diamond Junker Cars have a great track record in buying junk cars in the last 10 years. Our auto cash service in Houston is unmatched in all of Texas. We have the highest offers and the fastest service, which we know Houston residents care about the most. In any area of ​​the city, we will buy your junk car in Houston and collect it for free with no additional charges or fees.

Time to get to work and get cash for your car for junk in Houston.
Like any machine, cars break down over time and will eventually become what many consider "junk." If your car has reached this point, you should consider calling Diamante Junk Cars and selling your junk car in Houston. It's easier than you probably think to get cash for your junk car, and faster too! We can pick up many cars in just a couple of business days or less in Houston.

Road construction in Houston can really take a toll
With all those cars and ever-expanding infrastructure, it can sometimes feel like Houston's highways are perpetually under construction. All that constant construction can end up taking a toll on your car. There are often large holes, exposed manhole covers, and plenty of room to sit in traffic in the blazing sun. All of these things will eventually deteriorate your car. Fortunately, we buy junk cars in Houston and we don't really care if there is sun damage, overheated engines, or a damaged suspension. Whether your car doesn't work at all or looks and runs great, we'd love the opportunity to purchase it.

Customer vehicle
We make it easy to sell your junk car in Houston.
You have finally come to terms with the fact that you need to sell your junk car in Houston. Many people, including us, become emotionally attached to our cars and it can be difficult to admit that they are past their prime and need to abandon them. At Diamante Junk Cars, our goal is to take the stress out of your car sales process, so you can get back to enjoying the amazing Houston area in a perfectly good car.

Accurately describe your car
Start with the basics like the year, make, and model. We will also need to know what condition it is in. Does it work? Does it have damage? We buy any car, but we need to know what condition it is in order to make an accurate quote. We will also have to make sure that you are the owner of the car, so please let us know if you do not have the title. We can sometimes buy untitled cars in Houston, but it depends on a number of factors.

Check our instant offer
One of our operators will give you an instant offer on your car in most cases. There is no waiting for someone to call you back with a price, you will see it directly on your screen in real-time. If you choose to accept the offer, you will be put in contact with one of our fully vetted Houston junk car buyers to arrange a pickup.

Receive the best price
When it's time for your scheduled appointment, our junk car removal specialists will arrive to pay you cash for your junk car. Of course, they will make sure the car is in the right condition and then tow it away. There are never hidden fees or fine print, and your offer will never change at the time of pickup.

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